Claire's quilted blanket

Claire's birthday came and went back in July.  I did warn her that my light bulb moment had come a bit late (after her birthday) and that it would take a little while to sort out.  She had seen O's 'all boy' quilt and Martha's play mat and liked them both.  So why it took my brain so long to put one and two together I don't know!  Eventually realising she'd love something that combined Cath Kidston fabrics with a cottagey feel I started looking for the right things.  So I had to confess it might be a while before she got her birthday present.

It was such fun looking for fabrics, putting it all together and thinking of steering away from 'just' squares and coming up with something I hadn't tried before.  I love some of the designs on this blog and often have a little admiring look around.  One day I want to be able to make such gorgeous designs! Anyway, there's absolutely nothing wrong with squares, but I fancied making something a bit different.  Nothing too complicated yet as this is only my third quilt.  I settled on big and half sized rectangles.

A lot of effort was made to stick to just reds, blues and some greens.  There could have been pretty yellows or some darker fabrics - but I resisted.  I'm happy with the balance and how it has turned out.  It's the first time I've added some white in a quilt to help the colours stand out and I'm liking the effect and the fresh look it gives.

Throwing all the bits in the air and sew everything together as it comes is so liberating.  The only 'selective random' bit is that there are no two of the same fabric right underneath (or above) each other in the columns.  But as you can see on some of the pictures a few repeats have sneaked in to the rows (but I don't mind).

The wadding inside is 80% cotton.  The back is brushed cotton (flannel).  This quilt was destined to be that snugly blanket that keeps you warm on the sofa when you're watching a film or to go on the end of the bed to keep your toes cosy in the winter.  I love flannel; it's warm, touchable and it just makes everything better at the end of a long day.  The print is perfect: little birds, sleeping on tree branches.

The quilt is (roughly) 1m x 1.5m.  There are 40 rectangles in each column, that's 200 in total.  Now don't look at the calculations on my little post-it!  After all the working out and drawing mini-quilts I hadn't allowed enough for the seams.  And so that's exactly what I got: a mini-quilt.  Luckily not a major issue and after adding to the width and length it's now a decent, useful size.

So, it's all done, washed and dried - ready to go to its new owner and the cottage.  Happy belated birthday my dear :), may you enjoy many hot chocolates under your new blanket!


Fabric chaos & Nessie hunting

Still waiting for the precious August baby to arrive... So instead of working on that I got a little distracted.  Easily done when lots of parcels with beautiful fabrics arrived through the post.  One of the parcels had little bags with lavender in to keep the fabric fresh, genius and what a lovely touch!  Behold the chaos on my kitchen table a couple of hours later.  Right now I can't say much more about this project... The what, who and why will have to wait a little bit,... it's a surprise!  I'm really looking forward to sewing this together though.  Maybe not today, my head is spinning from the calculating, changing my mind and recalculating, double-checking.  And can you spy what I spy in the top left hand corner?  Oh yes :).

De augustus baby laat nog even op zich wachten... Vandaag kwam er welkome afleiding.  Niet zo moeilijk als er plots enkele pakjes met nieuwe stofjes in de post toekomen.  Één van die pakjes had ook lavendelzakjes tussen de stof zitten, alles lekker fris - geniaal ideetje! Een paar uur later en het is complete chaos op mijn keukentafel.  Voorlopig kan ik niet veel zeggen over dit projectje...  De 'wat, wie en waarom' zal even moeten wachten,... 't is een verrassing!  Ik kan niet wachten om dit in elkaar te zetten.  Misschien toch niet vandaag meer, mijn hoofd draait nog van het uitrekenen, meten, iets veranderen en dan opnieuw alles uitrekenen.  Maar kunt u zien wat ik zie, in de linkerbovenhoek?  Jaja :).

The other news is that there's a seven hour road-trip coming up.  I'm so looking forward to our holiday in Scotland.  I love living in the UK, this place is so beautiful and varied.  Quiet beaches, rich forests, lazy fields, gentle hills and mountains with snow triumphantly glistening against stark blue skies.  I can't wait to see what treats we're in for!

Het andere nieuws is dat er een zeven uur lange road-trip op komst is.  Ik kijk enorm uit naar onze vakantie in Schotland.   Ik woon graag in de UK, 't is hier prachtig, vaak adembenemend mooi.  Stille stranden, donkere wouden, luie velden, zachte heuvels en bergen waar sneeuw triomfantelijk glimt tegen een diepblauwe hemel.  Wat voor moois zal Schotland brengen?


Home Sweet Home ~ Getting ready to make Port

My beautiful, big bottles for making Port.  Gifted to us by a stranger; someone who we met in the street and took our old kitchen table and chairs off us before we got to the charity shop. 

 I love Port and its sweet belly warming properties.  Autumn is just around the corner and once the green, unripe walnuts hang heavy in the trees it will be time to patiently start making this delicious treat. Brewing, stirring and soaking up the flavours for a good few months it will be ready just in time for Christmas.  
I can't wait and might even share my mum's ambrosial recipe with you.

Home sweet Home is an idea of Barbaramama, you can find a list with all participants on her blog!


August baby boy or girl ? To be continued...

I love making presents for new babies.  I often wait until after the birth to choose the colours, the pattern and fabrics.  Often the gift isn't ready for a good few weeks after the announcement reaches our house.  This time it's a little bit different.  I've know for a while what this August baby is going to receive.  The fabrics were carefully selected last week - you would not believe how much time I can spend fabric shopping.  It is more or less finished, thanks to a sunny afternoon and Owen happily playing in the garden.  I sat down at the kitchen table with a cuppa, one eye on the garden and now most of this little gift is finished.

I can't wait to hear what my husband's cousin is going to have - my money is on a girl, we shall see.  So, waiting (patiently?) for this August baby to be welcomed into the world and finish this off with some boy or girl detail!  To be continued!

Ik maak graag iets voor baby's.  Meestal wacht ik tot na de geboorte om de kleuren, het patroon en de stofjes te kiezen.  Vaak is het cadeautje pas klaar weken na het geboortenieuws ons huis bereikt.  Deze keer is het een beetje anders.  Ik weet al een hele tijd precies wat ik wil maken voor deze augustus baby .  De stofjes werden vorige week zorgvuldig gekozen - ongelooflijk hoeveel tijd ik kan uitrekken voor stofjes shoppen.  Het is bijna klaar, dankzij een zonnige namiddag en Ootje die braaf buiten speelde.  Ik zat in de keuken met een kopje thee, één oog op de tuin, en een paar uur later was het grootste deel van dit cadeautje af.

Nu (geduldig?) wachten op het nieuws.... meisje of jongen?  Mijn gevoel zegt meisje, maar ik wacht liever om de finishing touches aan te brengen tot ik het zeker weet!  Wordt vervolgd!


Baby Martha's quilted playmat

This was still a work in progress at the weekend...

A couple of weeks ago we heard the great news that one of our friends had given birth to a beautiful baby girl called Martha.  I love the name and I think it sounds very peaceful and warm.  So anyway, here is the playmat I made.  I've enjoyed every minute making it and declare it all finished and ready to post this morning!

Have fun sleeping, looking, rolling and playing my little one!

And the most fabulous thing about it is?  That it can be machine washed and tumble dried - how cool (and ultra-practical) is that!?