Little project

I'm still knitting... slowly - and have decided I'm going to try and sew a zip in it once all of the knitting is out of the way.  The truth is that I've been distracted by this little sewing project.  Hoping to finish most of this over the weekend.  It has taken me a while to choose the fabrics for it, but I think it will look cute when it's all done!


Sunday morning bliss

Me and the boy are home alone this weekend.  We've been doing our own thing, going with the flow and letting the weather shape our days.  Yesterday was gloriously sunny but windy.  The washing dried on the line, I only had to rescue it once from a fierce downpour.  I love the sun, it gives me energy. The house got a mini spring-clean and O's toys and books have been sorted.  We went grocery shopping and I had some friends coming round for a catch-up and take-away in the evening.  It is only 11am and although it has been a lazy morning lots has already been done. There has even been some time for me to pick up the knitting project again.  The back is finished, I'm now working on the first half of the front - still loving this yarn and its colours!  It's a rainy day today, so there might be time to do some more later.  Me and O have refilled the log basket, he's such a good boy and likes helping with little chores.  The wood burner is lit, glowing hot and warming up the lounge and kitchen.  I'm definitely getting better at building a fire and keeping it going :).